We’ve all had one of those old-school big burner grills that slowly but surely becomes an eye-sore in the corner of the patio. It doesn’t seem to matter how much you spend; they end up covered in rust and buying a new one seems easier than cleaning the old. 

At Space Grill, our founder Ryan Martin wanted to change all that forever. He set about designing the best grill ever invented to suit everyone from small apartments to luxury homes. The first challenge he took upon himself was to make it visually appealing and ‘out-of-sight’ when it wasn’t in use. Now, this might sound easy but how do you fold down a grill without the left over grill juice running all over the unit and your floor? This is probably the most unique part of Space Grill.

The auto-swing drip tray moves intuitively with the grill, so that as you fold it down the drip tray will catch any mess.The next part to designing ‘the best grill ever’ was to make using it more enjoyable. The first thing anyone does when they get to their grill is decide which part of the grill plate they want to use. Then they light the ignition and turn on all the burners until they light their target element. Ryan snapped up the opportunity to out-perform competitors by adding an individual ignition to each of the 3 burners on the Space Grill, which means you only light the element you want to use! As someone who grew up moving from rental apartment to rental apartment, Ryan wanted to design his BBQ to fit everywhere from the smallest unit to the biggest home. When he started doing his research, he found that compact grills lacked the visual appeal, big grills were too bulky and ugly and the fold away versions were simply flimsy, badly designed and not very practical.

This is where Ryan found the perfect position for the Space Grill.It has sex appeal, it’s super practical, features a massive cooking surface, folds away to become a design statement and above all is chef-grade stainless steel to last the test of time. Luxury homes like it because interior design trends are moving away from big clunky grills, with a focus on minimalistic designs and clutter-less spaces. Apartment owners and renters like it because it only takes a few screws to attach to a wall and you’ve got a massive space saver that performs like a big burner.

It is because of it’s unique design that Space Grill is fast becoming an industry leader. Australians have always been famous for throwing a shrimp on the barbie, so it’s about time we were famous for inventing the best grill on the market.

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